Information about PropertyBecho Projects

How it works

How it works

For Seller/Owner
STEP 1:  Create Account /Sign UP
STEP 2:  Post a New Listing (enter property details)
This is a place to sell your property with the other members of the community.All you need to do is register/create an account and list your property with the Buyer can contact you directly and you can see the message on your account screen.User can edit/modify or close the listing any time by loging in to his account.

As a Buyer
You can browse all the properties listed on the platform without becoming the member.You need to register only if you want to contact seller.You can communicate to seller from your screen.Service is free of cost.

For Developers and Property Agents: Pricing Plans

Rs. 1000 Per Day Rs. 2000 Per Day Rs.5000 Per Day
10 Leads Per Day 15 Leads Per Day 30 Leads Per Day
No Refunds No Refunds No Refunds

We offer no refunds but you can choose to cancel any time you want.To cancel your plan just email our support team at

Who Can Join?
Anyone can join !  But not everyone can stay necessarily. We will continually pour over reviews, and listings in order to maintain legitimacy and trust within the community of propertybecho. We think Propertybecho can be a great platform for the whole community of buyers and sellers, but we need your help to make sure that the right people are involved.
If you have any questions regarding  getting started, or at any time need any help please reach out to us at our Support  or email us at at any point of time.